Lives of Saints

January 27th of January. Saint Nino, Equal To The Apostles And Enlightener Of Georgia (†335 AD) 31st of January. Venerable Hieromonk Alexi (Shushania) (†1923) February 1st of February. Venerable Anton Of Martkophi, The Stylite (6th Century) March 29th of March. Saint Ambrosi the Confessor, Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia (†1927) 29th of March. Venerable Father Pimen, Fool-For-Christ And Enlightener of Dagestan And His Companion Anton Meskhi, The Censurer of Kings (13th Century) 30st of March. Venerable Hieromartyr Gabriel The Lesser (†1802) April 15th of April. Venerable Ioane of Manglisi (†1751) 15th of April. Saint Giorgi of Atsquiri (9th–10th Centuries) 14th of … Continue reading Lives of Saints